Saturday, September 30, 2017

Sep. 30: The Premiere of The Magic Flute

From a 1793 production of The Magic Flute

On this day in 1791, The Magic Flute, the last-debuted opera by classics composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, premiered in Vienna, Austria, just two months before the composer died at age 35. It is still one of the most-performed operas in the world.

Here's the story: Prince Tamino is attacked by a giant serpent, but is saved by three ladies who work for the "Queen of the Night." He is commissioned to save the Queen's daughter from the clutches of the evil sorcerer Sarastro.

To help him, the servants give him a magic flute, and he acquires a goofy sidekick named Papageno.

When he gets close up to the girl Pamina, he learns that Sarastro is not evil--the Queen, her mother, is! Sarastro has been protecting Pamina.

In order to win the girl, Tamino must pass three tests. Needless to say, he succeeds, and the Queen is so ticked she attempts to overcome Sarastro, and is sent to hell for her troubles.

Okay, maybe reading a summary of the story isn't the best way to experience an operatic masterpiece. But you can find highlights on YouTube!

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